Paul is standing beside his shoes with excitement after being selected to play at the 2014 STRAMU festival in Wuerzburg from Sept 12-14. "I will have a new album out by then, plus a new kitten," says Paul. 

Holland Duo Date Confirmed
Paul is thrilled to announce his first confirmed concert date with super-talent Jenny Weisgerber in Holland on September 5 at 'Podium Cafe - Peter en Leni'  a classy acoustic listening room in Steendam.  

Hollywood Update:
Paul is madly writing a whole swag of new songs for film and tv possibilities in the US. His songs are currently in the running for one movie due for release next February and one TV show due to be aired over the summer of 2014. Meanwhile shopping malls across Sweden are swinging out to Paul's songs every day of the week. 

UK mini-tour Update -  3rd Concert Date Added
Paul plays three concerts in the UK on April 11, 12 and 13.
More concerts to be confirmed. Details in "TourDates"

Paul On Fire!

  • More great turnouts to Paul's concerts in Kiel, Hamburg, Offenburg, Stuttgart, Paderborn, 

     Bad Iburg, Herrenburg, Ludwigsburg, Wattenbek, and Luebeck 

  • Yet another sizzling concert review from Sindelfingen Daily Newspaper
  • More new tourdates in Germany and the UK.

  • More tantalising opportunities for song licensing in the US on offer...

Paul's Fans Have Their Say:
Here below is what Paul's YouTube fans and other
songwriter/singers are saying about Paul's music:

"i feel like i've discoverd a hidden treasure :) love your music so much!" (Jenny Weisgerber)
"Love it....more then I can say :)"  (Susan Buchanan)
"Wow, that´s a wonderful song!" (Rausch Zeichen)
"woooww ...right trough my heart ….great"       (ghita hitmi)
"beautiful song... acoustic and heart, and vocals....what can I say....just great."  (De Lott)
"Wow! Never heard of you til today. Beautiful beautiful song! Not bad for an Ozzie!!! Only kidding"  (Pedagosk)
"amazing, i really really like this song! keep playing. you deserve more success mate!"  (Thomas R)
"That's a beautiful song Paul. Hey you wrote a bridge! Been waiting behind the door for that mate =]"  (OZMEATH)    
"Did you record all this live with that mic? Sounds great!"  (Josh Baker)
"This is an amazing song holy shit."    (ItsaGame36)
"I really enjoyed this.Thank you for sharing"  (Lynn Hemeon)
"Great song. Thanks."     (Eva Cavileer)
"I love hearing you tap the muse, Paul" (localworld)

"ótima música!"  (Raquel Romano)
"why are you not famousº? F**k something is going wrong with our culture!"  (Tiago Dias)

The Ben and Sean Show

A few weeks back Paul did a Podcast with the world-reknowned podcast team of Ben & Sean.
Paul would not shut up for about 80 minutes and finally, when Ben and Sean had had enough, they unplugged his Skype line and ended it and went out on the piss. Paul had no idea it was over and kept talking non-stop for another eleven days straight. The first 80 minutes or so of the interview can be found here:

Paul Loves House Concerts (In other words, Book Him For a Gig At Your Place. It May Well Be The Only Time You'll Ever Go To A  Music Concert Without Leaving Your Sofa. Contact Paul directly at


Paul publishes eBook! "it beats going insane," he says
Paul has published his first eBook titled "WHAT STUFF REALLY MEANS" at
A satirical companion handbook to life on earth, just click the link below and you'll be there before you can say 'hilarious'   "Sometimes it's gonna be free, and sometimes it's gonna cost three bucks fifty-six," says Paul. "I have no control over it. I just do what big brother tells me and besides, all those digits confuse the hell out of me."

Paul Got A Blog at:

Contains hilarious insights about the music biz, tips for the young
and impressionable, parenting advice, excerpts from Paul's
books-in-progress, narrative ideas, unique insights
into the world and the psychotic freaks who run it.



Inside Track - The CD Buyers' Guide:

(BREATHE) "A beautiful collection of folk-pop... worth playing every day..."

Beat Magazine, Melbourne:

"Fogarty is a legend in and around Noosa on Queensland's Sunshine Coast."

Konstanz Südkurier:

(Live concert)"Fogarty doesn't need to hide his own material behind the big stars. Songs like the exciting "Jesus Knows", the beautiful "Stagefright" (title song of his second CD) or the bitter-melancholic "Small Town Ways" were highlights in the concert."


more words on me here


Tourdates 2014

The Unpronouncable Towns Tour continues...

Germany, Switzerland, Holland

April 17   20:00Uhr
 Zuhause Cafe & Bar

Sandkaulstraße 109, 
Aachen, Germany

19 April 20:00Uhr
D'Amato im Schuetzenhaus (to be confirmed)

Geltinger Str. 16
82515 Wolfratshausen

24 April 20:00Uhr
Cafe Ententeich

Marktstr. 5 
35781 Weilburg

26 April 20:00Uhr
The Early Bird

Innstrasse 55 (St. Nikolaus)
6020 Innsbruck, Austria
27 April 
House Concert


03 May 10:00Uhr
Mainzer Weintage

(more details to come)

08 May 19:30 Uhr
Die Bücherscheune Aichtal

Neckartailfinger Str. 1
72631 Aichtal
Tel.: 07127-9775677

09 May 20:00Uhr

Wilhelminenstraße 174 b 
45881 Gelsenkirchen

10 May   20:00Uhr
Kultur & Biergarten 7 Eichen

Auf dem Lemberg 
71563 Affalterbach

11 May   Nachmittag
Kunstscheune Neuburg
"Tag der Offenen Tuer"

Beim Jägerhaus 5 
86633 Neuburg
14 May 20:00 Uhr
Kafi fürDich

Stauffacherstrasse 141
8004 Zürich - Aussersihl
Tel. 043 317 91 60

25 May 11:00 Uhr
Brunch Concert
Schloss-Restaurant Neuenbuerg

Schloss 1
75305 Neuenbürg

27 May  20:00Uhr
Ludwigs Bar & Café

Innere Laufer Gasse 35
90403 Nürnberg

28 May 20:00 Uhr

Zietenstraße 40,

30 May 20:00 Uhr
Pfatta-Morgana Kulturkneipe

Haidauerstr. 10
93102 Pfatter

31 May 20:00 Uhr
Kulturwirtschaft Ottmaring

Hauptstrasse 8
94533 Ottmaring

06 June 20:30 Uhr
House Concert
Villa Kunterbunt


09 June 14:15Uhr
Si/So Singer Songwriter Festival

Art und Amen

13 June 20:00 Uhr
Das Hafner

Marktplatz 3
91710 Gunzenhausen

14 June 14.00 Uhr
CSD Sommerfest

Berger Festplatz

26 June 20:00 Uhr
EBurg Acoustic Concert - Open Air

Venue details to be announced

27 June 20:00 Uhr
Kultbar Cafe & Atelier

Lange Straße 93,
17489 Greifswald

28 June 14:00 Uhr - 22:40 Uhr
Kieler Week/Kielwoche

Various 'Kiel Artist' stages

29 June 14:00Uhr - 17:00 Uhr
Kieler Week/KielWoche

Various 'Kiel Artist' stages

02 July 20:00 Uhr
Open Stage 

Das Glasperlenspiel in Asperg e. V.
Kelterstraße 5
71679 Asperg

04 July 20:00 Uhr
„Speicher" e.V. Ueckermünde

Bergstraße 2
17373 Ueckermünde
Tel.: 039771/54262

05 July 20:00Uhr
Künstlerkneipe Gleis1 e.V

Bahnhof, 74638 Waldenburg
Telefon:  0 79 42 / 94 09 22

10 July 20:00Uhr
Freundlich & Kompetent

Gertigstraße 57 
22303 Hamburg
Phone 040 37413162

11 July 20:00Uhr

Große Straße 6
7356 Rotenburg (Wümme) 
Telefon 04261/6305926

12 July 20:00Uhr
Kulturkirche Messdunk

Am Dorfanger 2 
14797 Kloster Lehnin, OT Krahne

18 July 19:00 Uhr
Holzgerlingen Strassenfest

Downtown Holzgerlingen
(details to come)

05 September 20:00Uhr
Jenny Weisgerber & Paul Fogarty  

Podium Cafe 'Peter en Leni'
Damsterweg 20
9629 PD   Steendam

06 September 20:00Uhr
Café BilderBuch 

Akazienstraße 28 
D-10823 Berlin

19 September 20:30Uhr
Irish Pub 

Alte Eisenbahnstrasse 11 
Haslach im Kinzigtal

18 October 20:00Uhr
Jenny Weisgerber, Paul Fogarty & Third Person
Franks Bodega

In den Weiherwiesen 2 
67229 Großkarlbach
06238 3771

23 October 20:00 Uhr
"Singer-Songwriter Month"
Cafe Instinkt

Wohldweg 9
25826 Sankt Peter Ording

25 October 20:00 Uhr
Moehl's Gasthof

Dorfstraße 12
24808 Jevenstedt

08 November 20:00Uhr
Berlin Guitars
Jenny Weisgerber & Paul Fogarty Double Concert

Motzstrasse 9
10777 Berlin

12 November 20:00 Uhr
Christoph Schellhorn & Paul Fogarty Double Concert
"Moist Corner"

Drusselstraße 8,
98527 Suhl

14 November 20:30Uhr

Weingartenstr. 47
77654 Offenburg

21 November 20:00Uhr
Die NotenDiele

Kaufhausgasse 7A
09599 Freiberg
Telefon: +49 (0 351) 32 357 346

22 November 20:00 Uhr
Kulturkneipe FloMaLa

Am Seeufer 54 
17192 Waren

24 November 20:00Uhr
JZ KARO Jugendzentrum 

Herzogenring 12
46483 Wesel

more tourdates here

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