Mini Tour - Sept 3-6
Aachen, Holland, Berlin Concerts
Paul plays  The Wild Rover in Aachen on Wednesday, Sept 3 with Paul Kim.  Then it's off to Pete & Leni's Cafe in Steendam, Holland, on Friday Sept 5 with Jenny Weisgerber.  On Sunday Sept 6 Paul plays the Bilderbuch Cafe in Berlin with Richard De Bastion guesting on piano. 

Denkler Kino Concert Canceled:
Noise complaints from neighbours at Denkler Kino in Wurzburg have caused them to cancel my concert 
there that was reschedulted for August 8th. Apologies to all. 

Paul snuck off-planet during April, May, June and July to record, write and produce his Fourth full-length album: "Winds of Fortune".  You can only get it by contacting Paul and his team of intelligent hamsters directly at a gig, by phone, or by email  Two short samples can be found here:
and here:

German Language Stuff:
Paul Fogarty, der in der Szene der "neue Neil Young" genannte wird, singt sanfte, authentische Songs. Seine Musik zählt zum "New Acoustic Movement", dessen Ursprung weitestgehend in den Stilrichtungen Folk, Pop und Blues liegt. Für Fogarty ist Musik eine Universalsprache und ein wichtiges Medium, um Gefühle und Gedanken auszudrücken. Seine Lieder erzählen vom Leben, den damit verbundenen Höhen und Tiefen und sind durchdrungen von seinem Lebensmotto "Dream and let dream". Der australische Singer-Songwriter und Multi-Instrumentalist begann schon als 15-jähriger, seine ersten Lieder zu schreiben. Er hat mittlerweile 1000 eigene Songs im Repertoire und 3 Alben (JETZT VIER!!!)  veröffentlicht.

"MESSDUNK Made A Believer Out Of Me"
Paul's new alltime favourite concert venue is an erstwhile abandoned Church in the tiny town of Messdunk (popn 40) near Brandenburg in Germany. 

Albums To Die For
Hard copies of all Paul's albums are available from Paul directly. Contact to order or enquire about copies of "Stagefright", "Born Naked", and the latest one everyone is waiting for: "Winds of Fortune". Payment is simple and easy through paypal or direct bank deposit. 

Gleis-1 Rocks! 
Saturday night in the middle of seemingly nowhere there emerged a steady stream in twos of threes of keen live music lovers in the town of Waldenburg. They came to Gleis1, the old train station house, to sit in quiet reverence while Paul played two sets of original material on his new guitar, middling ukulele, and aging slide guitar. 
"I couldn't play harmonica," says Paul, "cos somebody ran off with my favourite harmonica and the neck brace a couple weeks ago and I haven't gotten round to buying a new one."
Paul's new Aussie music mate Anthony Davies from Melbourne came along to play a few songs and run over a couple of originals before an attentive crowd. "It was awesome," said Anthony.
"Somebody tried to tell me the history of the town, how it was founded, where the prince lived, what factories there are but I got bored and fell asleep in the middle of the story," said Paul. "But I'm sure it is a fascinating and unique town." 

Two Songs For Crime Series
Paul is standing beside his shoes with excitement after two of his compositions (one original and one co-write) will appear in the TV crime series "Koslowski & Haferkamp"  on ARD channel 1 in Germany in the next couple of months.  

Short Film Song Placement
Paul has every finger and limb crossed that his song "That's Love (A Cruel and Foolish Thing)" will make the final cut in two scenes of a short film by a German director. The song is also set to be arranged with full orchestration for closing credits. More details when they come to hand. The song is also under consideration for a feature film shot in Hollywood, Germany and Spain. 

TV placement a first
Paul's song "Home" will appear in the background of a television series in Germany in the coming months. Paul has no idea what the show is called however, and is too shy to ask. 
Another song Paul has been involved with is also slated to appear in a short film by a German producer. Details to come. 

Concert Footage Surfaces

The link below shows footage of Paul playing his original song "Stranger" from a recent gig
at Cafe Instinkt in St Peter-Ording, north Germany March 2014.

Film producers like Paul's song
Paul is cautiously joyful that one of his recently recorded songs has passed its second level of approval at the offices of a movie production team and stands at least a chance of appearing in said movie when it's released in early 2015. 
"I am pleased but downbeat," said Paul. "The competition is always stiff because you are up against every song ever written."
After thinking about it a little more Paul became depressive and began skipping rope all Sunday night, most of Monday, and into the early hours Tuesday. 

latest CONCERT overview:
"Kafi für Dich = Awesome," says Paul. 
After his recent concert Paul has declared the highest population density of beautiful women, and possibly men, live in or near Kafi für Dich in Zurich, Switzerland. 
"I was by far the least attractive person within three blocks," says Paul. "Even the cook and the homeless guy who wandered past looked mysterious and alluring," Paul says.

Paul is standing beside his shoes with excitement after being selected to play at the 2014 STRAMU festival in Wuerzburg from Sept 12-14. "I will have a new album out by then, plus a new kitten," says Paul. 

Holland Duo Date Confirmed
Paul is thrilled to announce his first confirmed concert date with super-talent Jenny Weisgerber in Holland on September 5 at 'Podium Cafe - Peter en Leni'  a classy acoustic listening room in Steendam.  

Hollywood Update:
Paul is madly writing a whole swag of new songs for film and tv possibilities in the US. His songs are currently in the running for one movie due for release next February and one TV show due to be aired over the summer of 2014. Meanwhile shopping malls across Sweden are swinging out to Paul's songs every day of the week. 

UK mini-tour Update -  3rd Concert Date Added
Paul plays three concerts in the UK on April 11, 12 and 13.
More concerts to be confirmed. Details in "TourDates"

Paul On Fire!

  • More great turnouts to Paul's concerts in Kiel, Hamburg, Offenburg, Stuttgart, Paderborn, 

     Bad Iburg, Herrenburg, Ludwigsburg, Wattenbek, and Luebeck 

  • Yet another sizzling concert review from Sindelfingen Daily Newspaper
  • More new tourdates in Germany and the UK.

  • More tantalising opportunities for song licensing in the US on offer...

Paul's Fans Have Their Say:
Here below is what Paul's YouTube fans and other
songwriter/singers are saying about Paul's music:

"i feel like i've discoverd a hidden treasure :) love your music so much!" (Jenny Weisgerber)
"Love it....more then I can say :)"  (Susan Buchanan)
"Wow, that´s a wonderful song!" (Rausch Zeichen)
"woooww ...right trough my heart ….great"       (ghita hitmi)
"beautiful song... acoustic and heart, and vocals....what can I say....just great."  (De Lott)
"Wow! Never heard of you til today. Beautiful beautiful song! Not bad for an Ozzie!!! Only kidding"  (Pedagosk)
"amazing, i really really like this song! keep playing. you deserve more success mate!"  (Thomas R)
"That's a beautiful song Paul. Hey you wrote a bridge! Been waiting behind the door for that mate =]"  (OZMEATH)    
"Did you record all this live with that mic? Sounds great!"  (Josh Baker)
"This is an amazing song holy shit."    (ItsaGame36)
"I really enjoyed this.Thank you for sharing"  (Lynn Hemeon)
"Great song. Thanks."     (Eva Cavileer)
"I love hearing you tap the muse, Paul" (localworld)

"ótima música!"  (Raquel Romano)
"why are you not famousº? F**k something is going wrong with our culture!"  (Tiago Dias)

The Ben and Sean Show

A few weeks back Paul did a Podcast with the world-reknowned podcast team of Ben & Sean.
Paul would not shut up for about 80 minutes and finally, when Ben and Sean had had enough, they unplugged his Skype line and ended it and went out on the piss. Paul had no idea it was over and kept talking non-stop for another eleven days straight. The first 80 minutes or so of the interview can be found here:

Paul Loves House Concerts (In other words, Book Him For a Gig At Your Place. It May Well Be The Only Time You'll Ever Go To A  Music Concert Without Leaving Your Sofa. Contact Paul directly at


Paul publishes eBook! "it beats going insane," he says
Paul has published his first eBook titled "WHAT STUFF REALLY MEANS" at
A satirical companion handbook to life on earth, just click the link below and you'll be there before you can say 'hilarious'   "Sometimes it's gonna be free, and sometimes it's gonna cost three bucks fifty-six," says Paul. "I have no control over it. I just do what big brother tells me and besides, all those digits confuse the hell out of me."

Paul Got A Blog at:

Contains hilarious insights about the music biz, tips for the young
and impressionable, parenting advice, excerpts from Paul's
books-in-progress, narrative ideas, unique insights
into the world and the psychotic freaks who run it.



Inside Track - The CD Buyers' Guide:

(BREATHE) "A beautiful collection of folk-pop... worth playing every day..."

Beat Magazine, Melbourne:

"Fogarty is a legend in and around Noosa on Queensland's Sunshine Coast."

Konstanz Südkurier:

(Live concert)"Fogarty doesn't need to hide his own material behind the big stars. Songs like the exciting "Jesus Knows", the beautiful "Stagefright" (title song of his second CD) or the bitter-melancholic "Small Town Ways" were highlights in the concert."


more words on me here


Tourdates 2014

The Unpronouncable Towns Tour continues...

Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland

03 September 20:30Uhr
Paul Fogarty & Paul Kim
Wild Rover

Hirschgraben 13
52062 Aachen

05 September 20:00Uhr
Paul Fogarty  & Jenny Weisgerber

Podium Cafe 'Peter en Leni'
Damsterweg 20
9629 PD   Steendam

06 September 20:00Uhr
Café BilderBuch 

Akazienstraße 28 
D-10823 Berlin

12 September 
STRAMU street music festival,Wuerzburg
15:00Uhr - Paul Fogarty @ STERNPLATZ
17:00Uhr - Paul Fogarty @ STERNPLATZ
20:45Uhr - Paul Fogarty @ OBERER MARKT

13 September
STRAMU street music festival,Wuerzburg
12:00Uhr - Paul Fogarty @ SCHENKHOF
14:00Uhr - Paul Fogarty @ SCHENKHOF
16:00Uhr - Paul Fogarty @ K & L
18:00Uhr - Paul Fogarty @ K & L
20:00Uhr - Paul Fogarty @ K & L

14 September
STRAMU street music festival,Wuerzburg
13:00Uhr - Paul Fogarty @ BRONNBACH
15:00Uhr - Paul Fogarty @ BRONNBACH
17:00Uhr - Paul Fogarty @ SCHENKHOF
19:00Uhr - Paul Fogarty @ SCHENKHOF
21:15Uhr - Paul Fogarty @ SCHENKHOF

19 September 20:30Uhr
Irish Pub 

Alte Eisenbahnstrasse 11 
Haslach im Kinzigtal

20 September 20:00Uhr
Kaffeehaus Eberstadt

Heidelberger Landstraße 269
64297 Darmstadt

26 September 20:00Uhr
"Searching for George & Ringo"

OPEN STAGE with John (Tomassi) and Paul (Fogarty)
Auf dem Graben 22
71111 Waldenbuch

9 October 20:00Uhr
Songwriter Night


10 October 20:00Uhr


11 October 20:00Uhr
Tom Bombadil


18 October 20:00Uhr
Jenny Weisgerber, Paul Fogarty & Third Person
Franks Bodega

In den Weiherwiesen 2 
67229 Großkarlbach
06238 3771

23 October 20:00 Uhr
"Singer-Songwriter Month"
Cafe Instinkt

Wohldweg 9
25826 Sankt Peter Ording

25 October 20:00 Uhr
Moehl's Gasthof

Dorfstraße 12
24808 Jevenstedt

29 October 20:00Uhr 
Kieren Halpin, Christoph Schellhorn
& Paul Fogarty in Concert

Viehmarktplatz 8
72336 Balingen  
07433 3914640

07 November 20:00Uhr
Paul Fogarty & Jenny Weisgerber 
Unplugged Bistro

Schulwall 2A,
38300 Wolfenbuettel
05331 9004552

08 November 20:00Uhr
Berlin Guitars
Jenny Weisgerber & Paul Fogarty Double Concert

Motzstrasse 9
10777 Berlin

12 November 20:00 Uhr
Christoph Schellhorn & Paul Fogarty Double Concert
"Moist Corner"

Drusselstraße 8,
98527 Suhl

14 November 20:30Uhr

Weingartenstr. 47
77654 Offenburg

21 November 20:00Uhr
Die NotenDiele

Kaufhausgasse 7A
09599 Freiberg
Telefon: +49 (0 351) 32 357 346

22 November 20:00 Uhr
Kulturkneipe FloMaLa

Am Seeufer 54 
17192 Waren

24 November 20:00Uhr
JZ KARO Jugendzentrum 

Herzogenring 12
46483 Wesel

more tourdates here


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